Nose Piercing Guide: Types, Placement, Pain Level & Aftercare

Nose Piercing Guide


If you are thinking of getting your nose pierced and wondering who started the piercing first? Or maybe thinking about the symbolic meaning of nose piercing then this guide is for you. This Nose Piercing Guide provides in depth details of the hidden meanings associated with nose piercing.

What is the meaning behind nose piercing?

Nose ring is a piece of jewelry that is worn in the nostrils. Nose rings have been around for decades and they are worn by people all over the globe for various reasons. Each culture and region have different set of beliefs that are associated with wearing of nose studs and rings. Some people have this firm belief that wearing nose studs ward the evil spirits. In some subcultures wearing the nose rings helps to balance chakras and improve overall well-being.

On the other hand in some cultures, it is perceived as a symbol of beauty, and often brides wear them for the first time on their wedding day.

Widely Known Meanings of Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing Widely Known Meanings

Cultural Significance of Nose Piercing

Nose piercing is not exclusive to one culture. It is associated with various cultures and is mostly worn by the people of SWAN ( South West Asian and North African Countries ). There are various primitive culture that perform nostril and septum piercing with natural tools.

Nose Piercing and Femininity

Across numerous cultures, nose rings symbolize femininity. The nose rings are frequently worn by women to convey notions of fertility and good fortune. In Indian culture, nose piercing nose rings hold significant importance in wedding ceremonies and are often considered as a gesture of auspiciousness.

Nose Rings and Wealth

Nose rings are also seen as important symbol of wealth and status in various sub cultures. As rings and studs are made from precious metals such as gold and silver. In India, gold nose rings, presented as part of a bride’s dowry to exemplify this tradition. Similarly, in the Middle East, nose rings were considered symbols of affluence, frequently adorning the noses of prosperous women.

Nose Rings and Strength

In many cultures, nose rings are the symbol of strength. This is one of the reason of its preference as they are mostly worn by the women leaders of their communities. In many parts of the India, nose rings are worn by strong, independent women.

Nose Piercing and its Association with Beauty

In various cultures, nose studs and rings are seen as a symbol of beauty. People who have worn these are considered unique and beautiful. In West nose studs and rings are mostly worn by the female and male models and actors.

Modern Interpretations about Nose Piercing

 Modern Interpretations About Nose Piercing

As the trend in society has changed a lot so nose piercing seamlessly integrates into contemporary fashion. From refined studs to intricate hoops there are several jewelry options for nose piercing to suit individual preferences. Beyond being a versatile accessory that complements both casual and formal attire, piercing allows you to give a personalized touch with the trend of adding colorful elements like diamond and gold nose pins.

Piercing trend in Pop Culture

In pop culture, piercing has gained recognition and admiration. Icons like Rihanna and Zendaya have their nose pierced for distinctive style. Far more than a passing trend, piercing serves as a practice that bridges the gap between history, culture, and personal identity. From ancient rituals to modern times, piercing is regarded as a symbolic reminder of connection to our heritage and the ability to define ourselves on our terms.

Types of Nose Piercing

There are multiple ways in which your nose can get pierced that includes the known option like nostril, septum and piercing. The lesser known options include the Austin bar, septil, nasallang and rhino piercing.

Types of Piercing – Key Points

  • Nostril piercing is one of the most common forms of nose piercing
  • High nostril piercings are still within the nostril but closer to the bridge of the nose
  • Septum piercings go through the nose’s septum, the cartilage wall that divides the nostrils
  • Austin bar and nasallang piercings both have a horizontal orientation through the nose

Nostril Piercing

This is the most common nose piercing. It is usually the piercing of the cartilage nostril and allows for various jewelry options.

Septum Piercing

This piercing is also known as bull nose piercing. The piercing hole goes through the cartilage wall dividing the left and right nostrils

Double Nose Piercing

 It involves two piercings one on each side of the nostril.

Austin Bar Piercing

This piercing, done with a standard needle goes through the tip of the nose without piercing the septum or nasal cavity.

Bridge Piercing

This piercing is placed between the eyes on the bridge of the nose. The jewelry used for this kind of piercing is either straight or curved barbell.

High Nostril Piercing

The placement for nose piercing is slightly higher on the bridge compared to a basic nostril piercing.

Nasallang Piercing

This goes through both nostrils and the inner septum, similar to the Austin Bar piercing.

Rhino Piercing

A unique style of piercing that goes through the tip of the nose and exiting above the septum, resembling a rhino’s horn.

What type of nose piercing is the best? Nose Piercing Guide

The motivations and customs surrounding the piercing differ widely. Whether worn for religious, cultural, or style preferences, there are numerous distinctive nose rings catering to every taste and purpose. In our view, the ideal piercing for you is the one that brings out your best self.

What does a right nose piercing mean sexually?

The perception of nose rings varies among individuals, with some viewing them as a mere fashion statement and others associating them with potential signs of sexual promiscuity. However, the reality is that there is no universal answer to this question. The meaning of nose rings is subjective and can be interpreted differently by each wearer. So instead of just coming to a single conclusion people have different set of beliefs for piercing.

Nose piercing is regarded as a form of self expression that varies from individual to individual. As the nose rings are related to the hippie movement during the 60s that become the key reason for the linkage to the sexual liberation. Whereas septum piercing and bull nose piercing are closely viewed as sexually provocative because of their link with the BDSM.

Piercing association with cultures and sexuality

Whether seen as expressions of beauty or sexuality, the significance ultimately lies in the individual’s perspective. Nose rings hold a rich historical significance as one of the oldest forms of jewelry globally, worn by people throughout various cultures. Although their popularity in Western countries is recent. Globally, it have a longstanding presence in other parts of the world. Discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs and favored by Roman and Greek women, nose rings also play a vital role in Indian marriage ceremonies, often presented as gifts to newlyweds.

What are the aftercare steps for the nose piercing?

Nose Piercing After Care

You can care for your nose by following these tips

  • Wash you hand with soap before you touch the nose piercing area
  • Clean the nose piercing area gently with a soaked saline solution. Also pat the area dry with the help of the paper towel
  • Avoid getting your healing nose pierced in potentially dirty water, including swimming pools, lakes, rivers, and hot tubs.
  • Allow your nose jewelry to remain undisturbed until the healing process is complete
  • Refrain from applying antibacterial ointments to the pierced area.
  • Ensure you sleep on freshly laundered sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

How painful is nose piercing?

For nose piercing, there are different level of pain a person will experience depending upon their skin type. If you go for nostril piercing you will experience less pain in comparison with septum piercing.

What are the risks associated with nose piercing?

There are significant health risks that are associated with nose piercing. Nose piercing can lead to infection, bleeding, cyst formation, allergic reactions, hypertrophic scarring and much more.

How long does it take for nose piercing to heal?

Typically it take 6-8 weeks to heal the nose piercing. But it is important to keep in mind that everyone’s body is different and may even take longer time for healing.

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