Florence Pugh’s Punky Blonde Hairstyle at Golden Globes 2024

Florence Pugh's Punky Blonde Hairstyle at Golden Globes

Florence Pugh, the acclaimed actress known for her roles in films like ‘Oppenheimer’, made a striking appearance at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards with her punky blonde hairstyle.

Florence Pugh arrived on the red carpet wearing a sheer red Valentino gown dotted with florals, and a pair of red hot pants that peeked out as she twirled. However, it was her hair that truly stole the show. Her hair was styled into a platinum faux hawk, a look designed by hairstylist Adir Abergel. The style included twists up the back and a pompadour on top, a look that Abergel said helped to elongate the appearance of Pugh’s neck.

Florence Pugh’s Bold Hairstyle

This bold hairstyle choice is not out of character for Pugh, who is known for her daring fashion choices. In 2022, she made waves when she arrived at Valentino’s Fall/Winter Haute Couture show in Rome wearing a sheer pink Valentino dress. Pugh’s fashion choices are just as bold as the characters she plays onscreen.

Pugh’s appearance at the Golden Globes was not just about her fashion statement. She was also there to present an award later in the evening. Her film ‘Oppenheimer’ is nominated for eight Golden Globes, and she also lent her voice to the best-animated movie nominee ‘The Boy and the Heron’

Pugh’s punky blonde hairstyle at the Golden Globes is sure to be remembered as one of the standout looks of the night.