Eyebrow Piercing 101 (2024 Update): Pain, Aftercare & More

Eyebrow Piercing


This type of piercing is an edgy and expressive body modification. Since the late 20th century, this piercing involves inserting a small barbell or ring through the eyebrow skin, usually along the brow ridge. A skilled piercer uses a sterilized needle to ensure precision and reduce infection risk. It can be worn with anything from simple barbells to complex rings. The potential to enhance style and convey personality makes piercing a favorite among those wishing to make a dramatic fashion statement

The eyebrow piercing is easy but requires careful healing. To avoid infection, migration, and rejection, choose a decent piercing according to your eyebrow’s shape and follow aftercare instructions. Many believe a well-healed piercing is worth the risks because it can improve facial features and add a personal touch.

What Is Eyebrow Piercing?

New and unusual piercings on eyebrow help you to look stand out. As more people desire to dress up their eyebrows with lovely bling, eyebrow piercings are becoming more and more fashionable. These piercings enter and exit the skin above your eyelid at the bottom and top. Because it’s on the skin, this piercing may be rejected more than cartilage. This makes good piercing care crucial. The following blog post will discuss the various ways that eyebrows can be pierced and the best maintenance for them.

How To Pierce Eyebrows?

The thick skin that will be pierced requires needles. Your piercer will peel skin away from your eye and insert a needle. After creating the hole, they will insert your jewelry. This process is quick and can be done in seconds. Any piercing, including a piercing on eyebrows, should be done in a respected studio. A competent piercer should make the process quick and painless.

Do Eyebrow Piercings Hurt?

The pain scale of piercing of eyebrows are not sensitive since they penetrate through the skin, not cartilage or other sensitive muscles. This reduces piercing pain level compared to other piercing types. This form of piercing may be less painful, however the supra orbital nerve runs along the center of the eyebrow, where you want the jewelry. Getting your eyebrow pierced may hurt more in the center due to sensitive nerves. The region may enlarge and seem like a black eye for a few days following piercing.

Eyebrow Piercing Healing Time

The eyebrow piercing’s healing time lies in 6–8 weeks if you follow proper aftercare routine. Keep the area clean and prevent touching or rubbing that could aggravate the piercing while healing. Since eyebrow skin is not cartilage, it heals quickly. Most piercings recover in six to eight weeks if not infected. Infections will slow piercing recovery, so be aware of this before being pierced. Healing stops inflammation and swelling in eyebrow piercings. You’ll also know when pus stops coming out of the wound and discomfort diminishes.

Risks Of Eyebrow Piercings

Eyebrow piercings are more likely to be refused than other styles. Sometimes the body tries to force the piercing out of the skin since it’s strange. Proper skin care after piercing helps prevent rejection, which is more common than other varieties. The depth of the hole also affects rejection, with small holes being simpler to push out. If this has happened to you, tell your piercer!

Eyebrow piercings can potentially cause blemishing. Scarring is more likely because this skin may reject or mitigate the jewelry. The body will push the rejected jewelry closer to your skin. It may leave an eyebrow-piercing scar as the skin heals. This is why you should go to an expert piercing artist who knows how to put and care for piercings.

Types Of Eyebrow Piercings

There are many types of eyebrows and as per these types there’s also many piercing types. Get inventive and consider something other than a horizontal piercing. The following piercing types are available.

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing 

Horizontal eyebrow piercings are done on the eyebrow’s surface edge right above the hairline. The finished eyebrows are unique and beautiful. This piercing is difficult to put other kinds in, therefore you’ll probably need a straight or curved barbell. Like other piercings, this one hurts a little but goes away quickly! Since both holes are higher up your face, this form rarely causes eye bruising.

Vertical Eyebrow Piercing

One of the most popular eyebrow piercings is vertical. The jewelry will be put vertically through your eyebrow, usually on the outside border, although different positions are possible. You may wear barbells and rings with this piercing, which is amazing.

Double Eyebrow Piercing 

Having double eyebrow piercings is a daring body alteration. Add barbells, rings, or studs to this piercing for different looks. Some place two piercings close together for a compact look, while others distance them out along the brow for drama. The eyebrow’s natural arch is highlighted by this piercing, which can be modified. Piercing takes only a few minutes, but a skilled piercer is essential to avoid infection and bad placement. It takes six to eight weeks to heal a double eyebrow piercing, so follow aftercare instructions to minimize migration or rejection.

Eyebrow Ring Piercing

Eyebrow ring piercings are popular for enhancing facial features. A circular ring is placed through the eyebrow skin horizontally or at an angle, depending on personal preference and anatomy. The outer third flatters the eye and face, but the eyebrow ring can go anywhere. Eyebrow rings come in several sizes, forms, and materials, making them easy to choose. Eyebrow rings are a fashion statement and sign of bravery. Eyebrow rings’ unique look and personalization make them timeless and attractive body art. 

Bridge Piercing

Put your finger between your eyebrows and move it down to the top of your nose to reach your nose bridge. This bridge can be pierced for a customized look. The piercer must lift the skin away from this portion of your nose to implant the needle. Since you can see the needle being put, it may be disturbing, but like other eyebrow rings, it is quick and feels like a tiny pinch. Most people put simple straight barbells through this eyebrow to highlight it without affecting vision.

Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

Anti-eyebrow piercings are put under the eye, right above the cheekbone. This area gives a unique and elegant place to put an earring, however the amount of jewelry styles may limit you. Deep skin penetration is needed to view this piercing. Thus, this area is best used with long, straight barbells.

Spiral piercing

Spiral piercings appear like vertical ones, except they have more holes. Spiral eyebrow rings are worn in this horizontal eyebrow center piercing. Since this style is distinctive, finding jewelry to match may be difficult. This style is hard to locate, but when you do, you’ll be astounded at the variety.

Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry 

Personal style matters while choosing piercing jewelry for your eyebrows. Usually worn along the eyebrow arch, these accessories can be customized. Safety and durability are guaranteed with surgical steel, titanium, and bioplast curved, captive bead, and circular barbells. Gemstones, spikes, and elaborate designs provide personalization and expression. Hypoallergenic materials and proper care minimize infections and speed recovery, making this type of piercings a popular choice.

Side Effects Of Eyebrow Piercings

When the technique, needle, or jewelry are not sterile, or when the skin is broken and common germs enter the wound, piercing site infections can arise. Piercing has caused hepatitis B and C infections. Immediately seek medical attention if you feel the piercing is infected.


Jewelry migration, rejection, or poor implantation can cause scarring. Because the eyebrow is flat, rejection or migration are more prevalent than on the ear or nose. Face scarring can look bad.

Allergic Reaction

The piercing moves and heals in a new area. The body rejects the piercing like a rash. These effects are more likely if not enough tissue is pierced, the jewelry is too small, or it is made of a low-quality alloy you are allergic to. You can also face rejection from poor aftercare, site cleanliness, or harsh aftercare products. 

These type of piercings are rejected more than others. Your eyebrow skin is more sensitive to rejection than your ears and nose skin. When it detects a foreign object in the skin, your body will slowly close the skin and push it to the surface. It is vital to recognize rejected piercings since the eyebrow skin is more likely to do so.

How To Care For An Eyebrow Piercing?

Eyebrow piercing maintenance is identical to other piercings. After your eyebrow is pierced, your piercing artist will provide you cleaning and avoidance recommendations. These instructions must be followed precisely until the wound heals. Preventing this maintenance routine before this stage may let germs and bacteria infiltrate the piercing hole.

Eyebrow piercing aftercare is vital. Most piercing artists recommend saline solution. Saline solution is easy to prepare or buy and cleans piercings of germs. Dab a tiny amount of saline solution into the region three times a day to clean. The solution must go inside the pierced hole to maintain the interior skin clean and bacteria-free!

How To Change An Eyebrow Piercing?

To avoid infection, changing an eyebrow piercing requires care. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Clean your piercing with saline or an antiseptic suggested by your piercer. Carefully remove the jewelry by unscrewing or unclipping. Use the same antiseptic solution to clean new jewelry before insertion. Make that the replacement component slides smoothly into the piercing hole. Fasten jewelry ends with screws or clips. Finally, clean again to remove bacteria and residue. If you feel resistance or pain, stop and get professional care to avoid injuring the piercing.

Be careful not to remove the piercing too quickly because the wound must heal. The hole will close if you remove the jewelry before it heals. Before replacing the piercing with a new one, wait six to eight weeks. The area will be cured when it is no longer uncomfortable, puffy, or producing pus.

Final Thoughts

Expressing yourself with eyebrow piercings is trendy. They need proper care to avoid premature closure. You may enjoy your new piercing without complications by following your piercer’s advice and knowing the healing process. Maintaining jewelry tightness and preventing removal can also maintain the piercing. You can keep your piercing unique by taking care of it and being aware of the risk of it closing. 

So, guys must try these piercing for a blunt and stun look.

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