Double the Style, Double the Fun – The Ultimate Guide to Double Nose Piercing

Double Nose Piercing


Do you want to change the piercing style and are bored of the regular piercing ? There are multiple ways to change your nose piercing style but the viable approach in this case is double nose piercing. Through this piercing, you can style your nose with intricate jewelry pieces in several ways.

Double Nose Piercing – A trendy Way to pierce your nose

If you are wondering what exactly is double nose piercing? Then you might get different answers. People have different priorities for style while piercing their nose so they might think differently. This can be done in a variety of ways. It can be piercing the nostril on the same side of the nose or having one piercing on each side of the nostril.

In case of double nose piercing individual preferences matters a lot. The placement may vary and according to the placement you can select the jewelry. The choice of jewelry, ranging from studs to rings, also contributes to the overall aesthetic of the double piercing. It is important to mention here that unlike regular piercing the pain scale for this particular piercing is relatively low. With quicker healing time you have ample of opportunities to style your jewelry.

Double Nose Piercing on Opposite Sides

Double Nose Piercing On Opposite Sides


As some people prefer to pierce on both side of the nose so it is regarded as double nose piercing on opposite sides. This creates a symmetrical yet distinct look which adds to your beauty. The standards of beauty are different from region to region so be confident in the style you choose for yourself.

This double piercing style is preferred for its ability to enhance facial balance and provide an eye-catching appearance. This style choice is often favored by those seeking a subtle yet impactful way to express their individual style through this piercing style and facial jewelry. In addition, the versatility in jewelry options are minimal with one pearl or cute round stud on opposite-side piercings contribute to their looks super trending and aesthetically pleasing.

Opposite Side Pros and Cons


Chic Style with minimum pain

Shorter time to heal and usually between 2-4 months

 Easier to clean than the septum and nasallang piercing

 Wide variety of minimal jewelry to style your nose piercing


Have to wait at least 2 months for the second piercing

Have risks of infection if you don’t take care of piercing

Why people opt for double nose piercing?

Double Nose Piercing Benefits

People opt for various reasons but majorly due to the desire for a balanced and symmetrical look, the ability to showcase different styles of jewelry.

Symmetry and Balancing the Face Structure

Double nose piercings offer a sense of symmetry and balance to the face. Placing piercings on either side of the same nostril or on opposite sides creates a visually appealing look. This piercing style is in trend and hence offers a unique look that is praised by people.

With two piercings, individuals can explore a variety of jewelry combinations, from simple studs to more intricate designs. This versatility allows for creative expression and the ability to change up the look easily.

Personalization of Style with Double nose piercing

Double nose piercings provide an additional canvas for personalizing one’s style. Whether someone opts for a minimalist or bold approach, double piercing offer flexibility to align with diverse fashion preferences.

Trendy and Expressive Nose Piercing Style

Embracing the latest trends can boost your style game and confidence alike. Aligns with current fashion trends that emphasize self-expression and individuality. The aesthetic appeal of this style is the reason of its preference across various cultures and regions.

Minimal Pain and Quick Healing

Double nose piercings are often considered less painful than more complex piercings. This is because the piercing is done on the front and is less painful than the septum piercing. They tend to heal relatively quickly, making them an attractive option for individuals seeking a stylish yet less painful piercing experience.

How much painful is double nose piercing?

On a pain scale of 1-10, double nose piercing was about six. During the piercing process the eyes got watery at the moment the piercer inserted the stud in the hole. It is generally assumed to be 6 and can vary for individual to individual pain endurance capacity.

For after care and better healing clean the nose piercing area with a saline solution. This will help in better healing along with the less chances for the adverse reactions.

What are the aftercare steps for double nose piercing?

You should follow the following steps to keep your piercing area itching free

Avoid the contact of makeup with the nose piercing area

Take saline solution and dip it in cotton ball to cleanse it every day

Avoid swimming or too much contact with the water

Do not use harsh clothes on nose piercing are

Do not remove the initial stud before the nose piercing is completely healed

Top Picks for Double Nose Piercing Chain

 BodyAce 20G Spike Nose Rings Stud

BodyAce 20G Spike Nose Rings Stud

BodyAce 20G Spike Nose Rings Stud

At a minimal price, you get 6 pieces of nose studs and 10 chains for your double nose piercing. The studs are made from high-quality stainless steel and are lead and nickel-free. The studs are suitable for sensitive skin and resist rust and corrosion. The stud design provides a secure fit, reducing the likelihood of snagging or discomfort. This feature is particularly important for individuals with two piercings in close proximity, ensuring a comfortable experience.

The spike design aligns with contemporary fashion trends, making these nose trendy choice for individuals seeking a chic appearance with their nose piercings.

REVOLIA Surgical Steel Nose Chain Piercing

REVOLIA Surgical Steel Nose Chain Piercing

REVOLIA Surgical Steel Nose Chain Piercing

These chains and studs are good preference for those who prefer both style and safety. Firstly, its surgical steel construction ensures durability and ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. The sleek and minimalist design of the chain piercing adds a touch of elegance. The chain gracefully connects both nostrils and creates a symmetrical and visually appealing look that complements various face shapes.

The adjustable sizing accommodates different nose shapes and sizes and secure in the nose appropriately. The product’s positive customer reviews highlight its ease of use and making it suitable for everyday wear or special occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do double nose piercing chain look attractive?

When you pierce both the nostrils it adds symmetry to your face. Moreover, a chain looks attractive on your face and studs attached to it add flair of elegance.

What is the other name for double piercing?

One particular double piercing is also known as septum piercing. This involves piercing the septum from both sides and can be positioned one above the other.

What is the normal size for double nose piercing?

The normal size for double nose piercing is 18 gauge and once the piercing heals most people can shift to 20 gauge.

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