4 Celebrity Inspired Crochet Hair Looks

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Crochet hair refers to a popular hairstyle that involves attaching loose hair extensions to natural hair using a crochet needle. This technique creates a natural-looking and versatile style that can be worn for several weeks without causing damage to your hair. This hairstyle is an excellent alternative to traditional braids, weaves, and wigs, as it provides a protective style that is low-maintenance and easy to maintain. 

In the world of fashion and beauty, celebrity-inspired looks have become increasingly important. These looks are usually created by professional hairstylists who are hired to style the hair of celebrities for events, photoshoots, and movies.

People often look up to celebrities for inspiration when they want to try out a new hairstyle or look. Celebrity-inspired looks are not only trendy but also help to set the tone for upcoming fashion and beauty trends. They inspire creativity and experimentation and allow people to express their individuality through their hairstyle.

Beyoncé Inspired Crochet Hairstyles

Beyoncé is known for her iconic hairstyles and her crochet hair is no exception. Her hairstyle is typically long, curly, and voluminous, with a natural-looking texture. Achieving this look with crochet is relatively simple and can be done in a few easy steps.

Beyonce Stunning Crochet Hairstyle For Curly Hair

Firstly, you’ll need to select the perfect type of crochet for your desired look. There are various types of crochet hair available in the market, ranging from synthetic to human hair. You should choose the one that closely matches your natural hair texture and color.

Once you’ve chosen the right type of hair, you can begin the installation process. This typically involves braiding your natural hair into cornrows and then attaching the crochet hairstyles onto the braids using a crochet hook. You can create as many or as few braids as you want, depending on how voluminous you want your hair to be.

After installation, you can style the hair to your liking, by using a curling iron or wand to create loose curls. You can also use a wide-toothed comb to create a more natural-looking texture.

To maintain the style, it’s important to keep your scalp moisturized and to wrap your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet at night to prevent tangling. You should also avoid using too much heat on the hair as it could cause damage over time. With proper care and maintenance, your Beyoncé inspired look can last for several weeks.

Rihanna Inspired Crochet Hair

If you’re looking to switch up your hair game and channel your inner Rihanna, the crochet look is a perfect way to do so. This style is all about long, twisty locks with a natural texture that will leave you feeling fierce and fabulous. But how do you achieve this look? Fear not, for I’m here to guide you through the process.

Rihanna's Crochet Hair Look

First things first, you’ll need some crochet hair, a crochet needle, and a hairbrush to get started. Once you’ve got the essentials, prepare your natural hair by washing and detangling it. Next, create small sections and attach the crochet hair with your crochet needle. Voila! You’re now one step closer to the Rihanna-inspired hairstyle of your dreams.

But wait, there’s more. To maintain this look, it’s important to keep your scalp moisturized and avoid over-styling or using heavy products that could weigh down your hair. In addition, you’ll want to preserve those beautiful curls by wrapping your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet before bed. And don’t forget to trim those split ends and refresh the twists regularly for a long-lasting style.

So, if you’re ready to embrace your inner superstar, follow these tips and techniques and get ready to rock that Rihanna-inspired hairstyle like a boss.

Zendaya Inspired Crochet Hair

Let’s talk about Zendaya’s stunning hair. Her signature style is a head-turner that looks effortless and chic. Achieving the look is easier than you might think. With the right crochet hair and a few styling tricks, you can recreate Zendaya’s gorgeous locks in no time.

Zendaya's Stunning Crochet Hairstyle Look

To achieve the Zendaya-inspired hairstyle, you’ll need to start with a good quality crochet hair that matches your hair texture and color. Next, you’ll need to braid your hair into cornrows and crochet the hair onto the braids. Once the crochet hair is secured, you can style it however you like. Zendaya’s go-to look is a loose wave that falls around her face in soft curls.

Maintaining the style is easy, too. To keep your crochet hair looking its best, be sure to moisturize your hair and scalp regularly. You can also use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair clean and healthy. If you’re planning on sleeping with your crochet, consider wrapping your hair in a silk scarf to prevent breakage and maintain the style.

So there you have it – everything you need to know to achieve and maintain Zendaya’s signature hairstyle. With a little bit of practice and some patience, you’ll be rocking her iconic style in no time!

Janelle Monae Inspired Crochet Hair

Janelle Monae is known for her fun and unique hairstyles, and her hair is no exception. Her signature style is a voluminous and curly afro, which is perfect for those who want a bold and expressive look.

Janella Monae Crochet Hair Style

To achieve Janelle Monae’s crochet hairstyle, you’ll need to start by selecting the right type of hair. The best option is curly hair extensions that match your natural hair texture. Next, braid your hair into cornrows and attach the crochet using a hook. Be sure to create enough cornrows to achieve the desired volume.

After installation, you can style the hair to your liking. For Janelle Monae’s look, you can use a curling iron or wand to create tight curls and add volume. You can also use a wide-toothed comb to create a more natural-looking texture.

To keep the style looking fresh, it’s important to moisturize your scalp and hair regularly. You can use a leave-in conditioner or oil to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Additionally, wrapping your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet at night can help maintain the style for longer.

Janelle Monae’s curly crochet hair is a fun and bold style that can be achieved with the right type of hairs and installation technique. With proper care and maintenance, you can rock this look for several weeks.

Styling Products For Crochet Hair

If you’re looking to style your crochet hair, there are a variety of products available that can help you achieve your desired look. Here are some popular options that you might want to consider:


A lightweight mousse can add volume and texture to your hair without making it feel heavy or weighed down. This type of product is especially helpful if you have fine or thin hair, as it can make your hair look fuller and more voluminous.

Curl Enhancing Cream

If you have curly crochet hair, a curl-enhancing cream can help define your curls and reduce frizz. This type of product can leave your hair looking soft, bouncy, and well-defined.

Edge Control

To create a sleek and polished look for your hair, edge control can be a lifesaver. This type of product can help smooth down fly-aways and keep your edges looking neat and well-groomed.

Oil or Serum

To add shine and moisture to your crochet hair, you might want to consider using a hair oil or serum. This type of product can help nourish your hair and leave it looking glossy and healthy. However, it’s important to use these products sparingly, as using too much can weigh down your hair and make it look greasy.

When choosing products for your hair, it’s important to choose ones that are specifically formulated for this type of hair. Using the wrong products can cause damage or tangling, which can be difficult to fix. Always be sure to follow the product instructions carefully for the best results, and don’t hesitate to experiment with different products until you find the ones that work best for you.

Human Crochet Hair

Crochet hair is a popular hairstyle that involves attaching loose hair extensions to natural hair using a crochet needle. While synthetic hair is commonly used for crochet hair, human hair is also an option for those who want a more natural and realistic look.

Using human hair as crochet has several advantages. Firstly, it allows for a more seamless blend with your natural hair, as the texture and color of human hair can be matched more closely. This can result in a more natural-looking style that is difficult to distinguish from your real hair.

Crochet with Human Hair

Human hair is also more versatile than synthetic hair, as it can be styled with heat tools such as curling irons and flat irons. This means that you can create a wider variety of looks and textures with human crochet hair, whether you prefer loose waves or tight curls.

However, there are some downsides to using human hair. For one, it can be more expensive than synthetic hair, as it is a natural resource that must be sourced and processed. Additionally, human crochet hairstyles requires more maintenance than synthetic hair, as it can become damaged from excessive heat styling or harsh chemicals.

To maintain crochet with human hair, it’s important to use high-quality products that are specifically designed for human hair. This may include gentle shampoos and conditioners, as well as leave-in treatments and oils to keep the hair moisturized and healthy. It’s also important to avoid excessive heat styling and to protect the hair with a heat protectant spray when using heat tools.

Overall, human crochet hair can be a great option for those who want a natural-looking and versatile hairstyle. While it may require more maintenance and investment than synthetic hair, the result can be a beautiful and realistic style that is worth the extra effort.

Final Thoughts

Let’s take a moment to recap the celebrity-inspired hair looks we’ve explored so far. We’ve seen some stunning examples of crochet braids, twists, and locs worn by stars like Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Lupita Nyong’o. These styles are not only gorgeous but also versatile and low-maintenance, making them a great option for those looking to switch up their hair game without spending hours in the salon.

If you haven’t tried out any of these styles for yourself yet, I highly encourage you to do so. With the right materials and a little bit of patience, you can achieve a beautiful and unique look that’s sure to turn heads. Plus, experimenting with different styles is a fun way to express your creativity and try something new. So go ahead, grab some crochet hair, and start experimenting – you won’t regret it!

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