Top 10 Blue Black Hair Color And Its Complete Guide

Top 10 Blue Black Hair Color And Its Complete Guide


Blue-black hair dye is stunning and stylish, standing out in any gathering. Its mesmerizing blend of deep blue and rich black makes a powerful statement for style-conscious people. . Blue black hair is elegant and classic, whether you want to change your look or enhance your original shade.

What Is Blue Black Hair Dye?

Blue black hair colour is a dark, deep tint with a touch of blue. It is usually dark blue or black with a bluish undertone. Bluish black hair colour can be created with hair coloring or products designed for this shade. You can get blue black hair without bleach. It’s popular with individuals seeking a bold, unusual hair colour with depth and texture.

Blue-black hair dye is dramatic and refined, combining black’s depth with blue’s vibrancy. A specialized dye mixes black pigments with blue hues to create this distinctive colour, which seems black but displays blue highlights in varied lighting conditions.

Different 10 Types of Blue Black Hair

You can choose blue highlights, midnight blue, navy, ombre, or a blue tint for your messy haircut. Whatever you choose, we have inspiration photographs to show your stylist the perfect blue-black style. References matter to your trusted colorist. People with naturally black or darker hair who want more dimension and edge should try this colour. Which of our favourite styles will you try?

Sleek Blue Black Hair

This hair colour is so smooth and silky you can scarcely know it has multiple tones. Blue black hair colour is virtually smooth, yet when it catches the light, it’s dimensional.

Reflective Blue Black Hair

Reflective blue black hair stays fresh and sharp because blue tones reflect shine. It enhances a rich, flat colour. You can also make blue black knotless braid hairstyle for a twist.

Midnight Blue Black Hair

The midnight silky and sensual blue and black hair color gives you an imaginative hair dye. So, exploring blue black hair colour ideas helps your stylist understand your preferences.

Indigo Tinted Hair Colour

Indigo-tinted black-blue hair sounds gorgeous. It likely has deep blue and black hues with indigo accents for depth. Different lighting angles can create an intriguing, even magical impression. This colour may suit someone seeking a striking yet elegant appearance. Love how this look uses blue and silver tones to create an indigo-like blue-purple.

Blue Black Undertones Hair

Well, this style is literal in that you can see the black and dark blue tones. The colour is perfectly blended and has great depth. We love the light and navy blue colours in the hair. Give your dark hair some colour with these undertones. Try different colours of blue to see how they require maintenance.

Blue Black Balayage Hair

Blue black Balayage hair colour is rich and dimensional because to the blue and black colours. This magnificent hair tones add depth and complexity to the black ground, producing a striking yet elegant design. Blue black balayage can range from subtle blue accents to dramatic blue accents for a statement haircut. This trendy take on black hair colour can be tailored to different skin tones and preferences. 

Dark and Stormy Blue Black Hair

This blue black hair dye will look great as it grows. It has several undertones and is carefully placed to accentuate. This dark blue hair may be excellent for you if you have lengthy hair like this or rarely visit the salon.

Mermaid Blue Black Hair

Do you wanna look like Mermaid Barbie???

These authentic blue highlights brighten dark hair perfectly. Your stylist may need to help you bleach your hair before applying blue. It can be difficult to remove and add pigment to virgin black hair, but your hairdresser will help.

Soft Goth Blue Black Hair

This colour and haircut evoke nostalgia. As the soft Goth trend dominates TikTok and makeup trends, this hairdo fits wonderfully. Blue hues are faint but striking. This coloring works well with dark and bright blues on mid-length hair.

Colour Melted Blue Black Hair 

Use dark brown hair to experiment with this trend. You want to test blue tones on your hair and skin before dying. Request this color-melted style from your hairdresser. Ask about coloring your hair a darker black colour for your touch-up.

Four Easy Ways to Dye Your Hair Blue Black

Blue-black hair dye comes in permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary formulations for varied commitment levels and hair health. Permanent dyes penetrate the hair shaft and remain longer, although they require ammonia or peroxide. The milder semi-permanent and temporary colours coat the hair surface and fade over time, making them excellent for those who desire less commitment or have more delicate hair. Here are following steps to dye your blue black hair let’s have a look to them.

Step 1:

  • Lay down old towels or newspapers to protect your surrounds.
  • Wear old clothes and gloves to avoid stains.
  • Patch test for allergic reactions by placing a little amount of dye mixture behind your ear or on your inner elbow 48 hours before complete application.
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo to eliminate styling products and residue. Towel-dry hair until wet but not dripping.
  • Put on gloves and detangle hair.

Step 2: 

  • Mix the colour and developer in a non-metallic dish according to the hair dye kit directions. Use proportions as instructed.
  • Mix the dye and developer with a tinting brush or kit applicator until smooth and consistent and apply dye.
  • Clip your hair into four quadrants. It will be easy to cover evenly.
  • Use the tinting brush or applicator bottle to dye your hair from roots to tips, starting in one quadrant. Make sure each portion is saturated.
  • Use your fingers to evenly coat all your hair strands with dye.
  • Apply dye to each quadrant until your hair is covered.
  • Use the tinting brush or applicator bottle to apply the dye to your hair.

Step 3:

  • Follow the instructions for processing time after applying all the dye. This usually takes 20–30 minutes, but check your dye kit.
  • After processing, rinse your hair with lukewarm water until clear. Avoid hot water, which can fade hair.
  • Do not shampoo after washing out the dye. To seal the hair cuticle and lock in colour, let the conditioner on for 2–5 minutes and rinse well with cool water.

Step 4:

  • Style dry hair as desired. Prevent hair damage by not using heat styling equipment after dying.
  • Take care of your blue-black hair with sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners made for color-treated hair. Avoid direct dangerous UV sunrays, which can weaken the colour faster.
  • To maintain your blue-black hair colour between dying sessions, use color-depositing hair treatments or conditioners and then style and maintain.

Follow these thorough methods to obtain a gorgeous and brilliant blue black hair colour while keeping your hair healthy and nourished.

How To Maintain Blue Black Hair?

Blue black hair needs special care to be vivid and healthy. Sulphates can strip dye, so start with sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair. To seal the cuticle and preserve colour, wash your hair in cool water. Keep your hair nurtured and escape dryness and breakability with consistent deep conditioning usages. To avoid damage, weekly color-depositing shampoos and conditioners can preserve the blue-black hue. These products renew hair colour between salon sessions by adding pigment. Reduce sunshine and chlorinated water exposure to prevent colour fading. Hats, scarves, and UV protection sprays can protect your hair from the sun. 

To keep the blue-black tone intense and your hair looking its best, touch-ups every 4-6 weeks are advised. It takes 20–45 minutes to prepare dyes, depending on their formulation. After washing out the dye with cool water, use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to keep the colour vibrant. To maintain the blue-black tint fresh and vibrant, use sulfate-free shampoos and UV protection sprays formulated for coloured hair. Maintaining a consistent colour requires regular touch-ups, especially on the roots.

Final Thoughts

Blue-black hair demands commitment, but the appropriate products and care routine can maintain it vivid and healthy for weeks. Regular touch-ups, avoiding harsh chemicals, and avoiding heat and sun will keep your hair colour bright and shiny. Instead of only changing the colour, blue-black hair dye expresses originality and confidence. Take advantage of this wonderful colour and make your hair reflect your particular style. Take risks and allow your blue-black hair show off your unique and fascinating presence.

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