22 Back Hand Mehndi Designs for Every Occasion

22 Back Hand Mehndi Designs for Every Occasion


Back hand mehndi designs have been adored for ages in many civilizations. This traditional procedure creates beautiful patterns and designs with henna paste on the back of the hands. The back hand mehndi pattern is elegant and culturally significant. Flowers and geometric patterns reflect the artist’s ability and inventiveness. Backhand mehndi patterns, rooted in cultural customs and celebrations, are a popular, unique occasion accessory. 

Did You Know?

Indian mehndi features raja, rani, and peacock designs but Pakistani Mehndi design usually reflects intricate designs, lines, and floral patterns.

So, if you are looking for back hand mehndi designs, whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or planning a special occasion. We provide a wide range of the most recent and fashionable hand mehndi designs for you. Without further ado, let’s review these astonishing back hand mehndi designs. 

22 Trendy Back Hand Mehndi Designs 

The back hand mehndi design from festivals to important family gatherings, these lovely patterns are perfect for mehndi designs that aren’t just for the bride. The backhand method of mehndi design often incorporates floral motifs and patterns. Exquisite details like crisscross lines on the fingers and semicircles adorned with lovely patterns are there. Finish off the pattern with stunning nail polish to emphasize its brilliance.

Therefore, accessorize your lovely hands with any of the styles listed below.

 The Heart Shape Back Hand Mehndi Design

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The picture pretty much says it all about this back hand Mehndi design. A simple heart shape with varying sizes encircled by curving lines and a leaf motif. You don’t need anybody else’s help to apply the mehndi design, its finest feature.

Empty Finger Back Hand Mehndi Design

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Instead of spreading mehndi patterns all over your backhand, try the “Empty Fingers back hand mehndi design.” This will let you keep your five fingers free as you decorate the center of your backhand with mehndi. Feel free to experiment with different designs or replicate the one presented.

Jhumka Like Back Hand Mehndi Design

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Due to its increasing popularity among Gulf women, the stunning Mehndi design is likely new to you. The back of the hand is covered by a pair of Jhumka earrings that, upon closer inspection, reveal a ring-shaped pattern. You should engage a professional Mehndi artist if you want a perfect outcome.

 Floral Back Hand Mehndi Design

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This design is significant in an Arabic motif and continues the long tradition of floral patterns in Mehndi. You can see a black outline filled with thin lines in the middle of the enormous blooms on your hand. This simple style is perfect for any occasion. This mehndi pattern resembles the Arabic style and has been a staple of mehndi designs for decades. You may see a black outside line packed with thin lines in the center of the huge roses on the back of your hand. No matter the event, this understated style will be perfect.

Complete Filling Back Hand Mehndi Design

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Those who would prefer to have an extra room on the back of their hands would love this design. Its many patterns make it look like a maze, in your whole hand. Paint your nails a gorgeous shade when they are still open.

Wedding Ring With A Diamond Shape 

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If you prefer understated designs on the back of your hand, this is a great option. Alternating patterns adorn the fingers, while a diamond-shaped core area encircled by curving patterns decorates the back of the hand. The layout is stunning because no space has been filled in around the diamond.

In some cultures, it is assumed that Mehndi protects the bride from evil eyes.

 Arabic Back Hand Mehndi Design

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Inject some new life into your Mehndi with an Arabic design. On the back of your hand, you’ll find lovely flower patterns arranged diagonally, giving it a lovely appearance. The dotted line resembling a tiny net is another distinctive concept feature. You can wear this style with confidence to any event.

Jewelry Patterns Back Hand Mehndi Design 

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Mehndi artists love to use jewelry patterns, which are becoming more popular. Just like regular women’s jewelry, you can choose from various intricate or simple designs. These patterns work wonderfully with the backhand.

Back Hand Exquisite Mehndi Design

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That backhand mehndi design can be just what you’re looking for if you’re looking to add intricate patterns typical of Indian mehndi designs. Indian famous singer Neha Kakkar backhand bridal Mehndi also went viral as she shared her pictures. With all that extra surrounding on hand, this design brings the fingers and the center of gravity up a notch. Adding vibrant nail polish will take it to the next level.

Pakistani Back Hand Mehndi Design

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You can integrate the elaborate patterns and styles that are often found in Pakistani mehndi designs if you like them. This pattern wraps your fingers with intricate and one-of-a-kind designs, unlike many others. An additional distinctive feature of this mehndi pattern is the addition of a wideband on the back of the hand. Brides love intricate backhand mehndi designs, and when they incorporate traditional patterns like mandala designs, it kicks it up a level. 

No matter which way you look at it, this mehndi design is sure to turn heads. By enclosing the space surrounding the mandala, the design is taken to an extraordinary level.

Rajasthani Back Hand Mehndi Design 

Image Credit : PINTEREST

Rajasthani backhand Mehndi designs are one-of-a-kind due to the use of jewelry patterns and floral motifs. Wedding guests typically see the intricate patterns painted on the brides’ hands and legs. It may take a little practice to get this stunning pattern on the back of your hand, but the result is well worth the effort.

Simple Back Hand Mehndi Design 

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For a back-of-the-hand design that is both understated and sophisticated, this pattern is a great choice. The entire framework is composed of dots and vertical lines. All the fingers are empty except for the little finger, which has criss-cross lines, and the index finger, which has lovely circular patterns. This feature gives the design a distinct and eye-catching appearance.

Filled Back Hand Mehndi Design 

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For those who prefer to keep their palms and backs completely covered, this pattern is a great choice. The jumble of patterns makes it look like a maze and covers your whole hand. You can show off your vibrant nail polish by leaving your nails bare.

Peacock Back Hand Mehndi

Image Credit : PINTEREST

Peacocks are common in henna designs because of their symbolic role as rulers in Indian tradition. When peacock designs are combined with various patterns, it gives the wearer’s backhand a festive appearance. You are free to utilize the plan as-is or to make it as slanted as you like.

Unique Mehndi Back Hand Designs 

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In this half-circle pattern on your palm, you can see patterns reminiscent of rice grains and delicate leaves. An edgy style and ample space-filling elegance are achieved using this design’s intricate and lovely patterns. For a more contemporary take on henna, try this design.

 Buddhist Symbolism Chic Designs 

Image Credit : PINTEREST

One of the oldest and most popular mehndi designs among women of all generations is the mandala. With its large mandala at its heart, this minimalist design makes excellent use of the space surrounding the building. Intricate and detailed patterns are your style, so you can fill the area in any way you like.

 Chic Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Image Credit : PINTEREST

The timeless significance of Mehndi is reflected in this chic backhand henna tattoo, which also features mandala imagery. Keeping it simple like in the picture or embellishing it with more motifs will give it a contemporary look. 

People who adore simplicity will love this design because it is basic but elegant in its way. Adding a stunning nail colour will take the design to the next level.

Beautiful Ring Back Hand Mehndi Design

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Jewelry mehndi patterns are a favorite among henna artists, and this is just one more illustration of it. Since these patterns are beautiful and functional, the bracelet and ring connector can stand in for the real thing.

Wedding Back Hand Mehndi Design 

Image Credit : PINTEREST

For the most stunning backhand mehndi designs, this could be the ideal option for the bride. After the central mandala, the entire hand is covered in distinctive and elaborate patterns. A bride might have a one-of-a-kind style by incorporating various techniques.

Black Back Hand criss-crossi

Image Credit : PINTEREST

The feminine demographic is the target audience for this black backhand mehndi design. This is a great starting point for anyone interested in getting a Mehndi tattoo. Floral and leaf patterns make this mehndi design easy and aesthetically pleasing for all skin types. Rich black mehndi designs with beautiful patterns crafted in the classic Mughal style appear magnificent when applied to the skin. Fascinating mehndi patterns adorn the backhand, with their border and shading.

 Finger Back Hand Mehndi Design

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This shape is reminiscent of finger rings with attachments. Flowers and beads are the only non-traditional elements in this otherwise conventional design. Starting on the middle finger of each hand, it winds its way down the back of the hand to the wrist.

Traditional Back Hand Mehndi Design

Image Credit : PINTEREST

This modern twist on the traditional Mehndi design is right on trend. If you prefer not to put Mehndi on your palms, you can still use this as a henna tattoo. The tribal block pattern inspires the mehndi design, which continues down the little finger.

Using dark mehndi to enhance the fringes and cover the entire outline is common practice. There is hardly any difference between the palm and back Henna designs. There is just enough white space between the patterns to make them look organized.

Final Thoughts

Mehndi is an ancient hand art with infinite attractive designs. It’s each and every design has an exciting story of tradition, culture, and art. You can show your inner artist with these stunning back hand mehndi designs. a popular choice for hand decoration. Your back hands are your canvas, and you can draw a tale of the intricate patterns with a cultural twist.

Back hand Mehndi has a specific place in cultural events and personal decoration, whether for a wedding, a festival or to show off one’s style. Mehndi can also transform from a simple adornment into an attractive emblem of love, tradition, and creativity that enhances our lives.

So, ladies, decorate your hands with mesmerizing back hand Mehndi designs for a flawless look. If you want to improve the durability and colour of your Mehndi, then apply lemon and sugar after finishing it. You can also use a cotton ball to delicately dab a sugar and lemon juice mixture, try these back hand Mehndi designs that reflect your unique style on your special day.

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